#STOCKDOXING - The Weaponisation of Open Source Intelligence

On 20 October, Neon Century Managing Director presented at the inaugural WIRED Security conference in London, alongside other leading security and intelligence speakers such as Adam Ludwig (Android Head of Security), David Omand (former GCHQ Director), Gordon Corera (BBC Security Correspondent) and former LulzSec hacker Mustafa al-Bassam.

In a talk entitled "The Weaponisation of Open Source Intelligence", Colquhoun highlighted to the audience how financial traders, cyber security penetration testers and former intelligence professionals were teaming up to 'dox' businesses using open source intelligence techniques. Colquhoun suggested that the term 'stock-doxing' should be applied to mysterious and anonymous trading outfits who appear to be publishing one-sided open source investigations designed to slander and discredit multi-million dollar businesses.

The full link to the corresponding article is here