Cyber Threat Intelligence

There is a an ecosystem of hackers out there on the internet, planning attacks and sharing tools. Our specialism is helping you understand the 'Who' behind cyber threats. With years of experience working for the British Government and the world's biggest companies on cyber threats, our cyber intelligence team is unique in the industry. We believe that understanding who could attack your network is fundamental for any IT Security Department, and have designed our service around forewarning and understanding the groups and individuals behind the threat.


Due Diligence

It's always good to do your homework on a potential business partner, acquisition or investment. We're not your average due diligence provider; our clients love our ethical Due Diligence service because they can trust in our investigative procedures and standards. Leveraging our suite of online analytic tools, we discover previously unknown connections and intelligence on individuals and organisations, providing our clients with the insight they need.


Influence Mapping & Human Geography

Like it or not, some people are more influential than others. Whether you are seeking to identify influencers, or understand the ones you already know, we can help, mapping what we call the 'human geography' of social groups. Underpinned by cutting-edge analysis, our world-class interactive network maps focus on linkages between many individuals and organisations, giving strategic level awareness of your issue. 


Geopolitical Threat Analysis

Geopolitical risk affects all of us, through energy prices, travel and the economy. Our geopolitical threats team have years of experience working in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, as well as unrivalled understanding of social media in these regions, extracting insight from the noise. Whether you are travelling through Cairo or investing in Cameroon, our geopolitical intelligence team can give you the forewarning you need to understand the potential risks to your business.


Reputational Risk Monitoring

A variety of actors can cause reputational damage to your name, from tweets to organised campaigns and the practice of 'astroturfing'. Our integrated reputation monitoring service illuminates sources, influencers and protagonists affecting your brand. We use hundreds of online tools to collect and analyse thousands of social media events, making for powerful and insightful intelligence.

“We used to use Kroll, but your work is very impressive and far more thorough. We will definitely be coming back”
— Chief Executive, International Oil Company
“Neon Century have performed a number of OSINT due diligence investigations for us. This work, and subsequent reporting was conducted with rigour, accuracy and structure. Their combination of established intelligence techniques, careful thought and applied intellect produced excellent results.

I have no hesitation in recommending Neon for further assignments.”
— Senior Vice President, Global Telecommunications Company
“What we love about you guys is that you are like a ‘data concierge’, and we can come to you for an honest view on the art of the possible when it comes to open data projects”
— Head of Intelligence, multibillion dollar hedge fund.
“First Class. Professional and diligent.”
— Strategic Intelligence Manager, FTSE100 financial services firm